Dr. Jürgen Rupp appointed new Chief Financial Officer of RAG-Stiftung

Essen/Berlin, 1 April 2019. At today’s regular meeting, the Board of Trustees of the RAG-Stiftung appointed Dr. Jürgen-Johann Rupp to be the new Chief Financial Officer of the RAG-Stiftung.

Rupp will take over this position from Dr. Helmut Linssen on 5 April 2019. As was announced at the beginning of December 2018, Dr. Linssen is resigning from his post for reasons of age. Dr. Rupp worked at the RAG Group in a variety of functions for many years and has been the Chief Financial Officer of RAG Aktiengesellschaft since 2008. He is an acknowledged expert regarding the RAG-Stiftung and its responsibilities, as well as the financial markets and capital investments. The Board of Trustees expressly thanked Dr. Linssen once again for his extremely successful work during the past six years.

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