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1. Content

(1) The RAG-Stiftung endeavours to always make available appropriate, complete, and current information and data on its website and has composed the website with the greatest care and to the best of its knowledge. We ask, however, for your understanding that we cannot assume any liability for the correctness, completeness, and currency of said information. We are liable for our own content according to the general rules.

(2) The foundation is not obliged to monitor external information and/or information that is made available or stored on the web pages by third parties. The foundation will remove any unlawful content from the web pages immediately upon gaining knowledge of it.

2. Links

(1) We accept no liability for content on external web pages to which we refer directly or indirectly (by means of so-called “hyperlinks” or “deeplinks”) as these are not within the control of RAG-Stiftung. No violations of the law were recognizable at the time of linkage to the external content. We have no control over the current and future design of the content of the linked web pages. We expressly dissociate ourselves from all of the content of the linked web pages that was changed in breach of the applicable law subsequent to the linkage.

(2) In the event that we obtain knowledge of illegal, unlawful or incorrect content on linked web pages, we will remove the link.

3. Copyright

(1) The content on these websites that has been published by the RAG-Stiftung is subject to German law regarding copyright and intellectual property rights.

(2) All use not permitted by German law regarding copyright and intellectual property rights fundamentally requires prior written permission from the RAG-Stiftung. Unauthorized copying of individual items of content from the website or of the complete website is not permitted. The RAG-Stiftung does, however, permit

(3) Content and contributions from third parties are indicated as such. Should you come across a violation of copyright involving such content please contact us immediately. Such content is immediately deleted from our web page.

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