Since the start of 2019, the RAG-Stiftung has financed the perpetual obligations of the German hard coal mining industry in the post-mining era. The operational management of these perpetual obligations continues to be the responsibility of RAG Aktiengesellschaft. The foundation earns the revenue it needs for the fulfilment of its perpetual obligations through its other strategic equity investments.

RAG Aktiengesellschaft

Long-term responsibility in the mining regions

RAG Aktiengesellschaft is responsible for the fulfilment of the perpetual obligations at the operational level. For the optimization of pit water management, this wholly owned subsidiary of the RAG‑Stiftung recently reached several important milestones, including the approval of the closure operations plan for the former Lohberg mine.

As a result, RAG Aktiengesellschaft has come a crucial step closer to completely withdrawing from underground areas and thus to the implementation of the pit water concept for the Ruhr region. RAG Aktiengesellschaft also fulfils the non-perpetual obligations. These include the renovation of old shafts, the dismantling of the operating equipment, the pension obligations and the regulation of mining-­related damage. At the end of 2020, RAG Aktiengesellschaft had almost 1,240 employees. The number was around 80,000 in 1997, ten years before the political decision was taken to discontinue hard coal mining in Germany. The personnel adjustment was made in a socially acceptable manner: about 40,000 employees went into early retirement, and RAG organized other work for around 40,000 other employees.

Evonik Industries AG

Specialty chemicals and strong market positions

Evonik’s dividend payments to the RAG‑Stiftung make a key contribution to the foundation’s financing of the perpetual obligations. The Evonik Group, a leading global specialty chemicals company, has more than 33,000 employees and operates in over 100 countries.

The RAG‑Stiftung holds around 57 percent of the shares in Evonik. In 2020 Evonik generated sales of 12.2 billion euros and adjusted EBITDA of 1.91 billion euros. The dividend payments to the RAG‑Stiftung totalled 315 million euros. Evonik pursues the goal of becoming the best specialty chemicals company in the world, with a focus on strong market positions, a pronounced culture of innovation and sustainable operations. To this end, the Group aims to concentrate its portfolio on high-margin businesses that are less affected by cyclical fluctuations in the global markets.

Vivawest Wohnen GmbH

A Tradition of attractive housing

The RAG‑Stiftung has a stake of 58 per cent of Vivawest GmbH, including the shares held by RAG Aktiengesellschaft. Vivawest is one of the leading providers of residential housing in North Rhine-Westphalia, with around 117,700 residential units for 300,000 people. The Vivawest Group’s services companies provide all of the key housingrelated services and thus ensure high-quality housing conditions.

In 2020 Vivawest completed nearly 2,000 new residential units. From 2021 to 2025, the company plans to build another 6,500 new residential units. In the financial year 2020, Vivawest employed around 2,300 people and generated sales of 834 million euros and an adjusted EBITDA of 384 million euros.


A reliable Partner

RSBG SE, a wholly owned subsidiary of the RAG‑Stiftung, regards itself as a long-term partner of successful medium-sized companies. In this role, the company pursues a buy-and-build strategy. Since 2014, it has invested around one billion euros.

In its holding structure, RSBG SE divides its investment portfolio into four industrial segments: Automation & Robotics, Information & Communication, Advanced Manufacturing and Infrastructure. In its holding companies, it focusses on special competencies in areas such as digitalization, Industry 4.0, cloud computing, cybersecurity and big data management. The products and services of these companies are of great importance during global transformations and are thus less strongly impacted by the con‑ sequences of economic and political crises. The latest developments in the Automation & Robotics holding are enabling RSBG SE to contribute to the transformation of the Ruhr region, in cooperation with the Hahn Group and the United Robotics Group.

Majority Holdings of RSBG SE

Minority Holdings of RSBG SE


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Assistant to the Management, RSBG SE

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